All of my Rotten Slimes are $7 (while the DIY Rotten Slime Kit is $10), which includes shipping and handling costs.  They are non-toxic (ingredients listed on bottom of Slimes page) and come in 8-ounce containers along with their rotten stories.  You have two options to make a purchase; 1) pay direct thru Paypal by selecting the ‘Add to Cart’ button next to your preferred Rotten Slime(s) on the Slimes page, or 2) email RottenSlimes@gmail.com with the name and quantity of your desired Rotten Slime(s) and we will send a money request thru Paypal.  We can also custom make  Rotten Slimes and their rotten stories based on your own rotten preferences.  Email us for more info or special requests. 

A portion of the proceeds from each Rotten Slime sale gets donated to JDRF in effort to help find a cure for my cousin’s Type 1 Diabetes.  

Thanks for Rotten Sliming with me!


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