I’m Rosie, a 10-year-old girl who loves making slime inspired by yucky things!  Every day before and after school, I find household items to use for concoctions in my basement slimeatory.  This is what I was born to do!  There’s runny slime and thick slime, wet slime and dry slime.  There’s slime with bumps and slime with lines, slime that smells gross and slime that smells fine.  Slime can be any color of the rainbow, any shape of the world.  Slime is all things.

Above all else, this slime business is dedicated to my love for creativity.  It’s also a way to help my cousin who has Type 1 Diabetes.  A portion of the proceeds from every Rotten Slime I sell gets donated to JDRF.  While my Rotten Slimes are 100% hand-made by yours truly, my dad helps me write their rotten stories.  If you have a big imagination like me, then maybe, just maybe, one of my Rotten Slimes will appeal to you?!



President and Designer, Rotten Slimes

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